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Our Designers and specialists spend significant time in landscape designing and execution such that even minute details of the work are taken care. We work intimately with you to bring your landscape dreams to reality.


        Landscaping is an Art and SquareRoots is the Picasso of it. SquareRoots has a top notch team with expertise in Landscape Architecture, Design, Irrigation, Execution and Maintenance. We at SquareRoots are dedicated to Environmental Ethos and are working with a vision for creating a healthier and greener society for sustainable environment.
        SquareRoots - A landscaping enterprise that sets up and maintains high quality landscapes, gardens at residential and commercial spaces. The custom made designs with innovative structures tailored to the clients requirement within the the budget is what distinguishes SquareRoots. We are a team of passionate landscape developers working to bring your landscape dream to reality.
        The style, shape and size of the plants and trees are recorded such that the style of the landscape design remains unaltered as the plants develop. We offer a wide variety of products and services to set-up and maintain a Garden

Landscape Design & Execution

Landscape Maintenance




Plants and Planters

Vertical Garden / Green Wall

Terrace Garden / Urban Organic Farming

Corporate / Customized Green Giftings

We will do a full site review right from the soil, water, area, space etc. and present the right design, structure and style that you would like. The irrigation plays a major role apart from execution in keeping the landscape alive with its charm and beauty, we will take the complete responsibility of it right from irrigation design, procurement of necessary materials and execution along with automation of the system when required. SquareRoots Landscape gives a end to end solution for all your landscaping/gardening requirements.

Quality Gardening & Maintenance Services

We undertake regular maintenance of Landscape/Gardens to ensure beauty and style lasts for ever. Our quality and in-time maintenance service makes the garden look more beautiful making the space much healthier and sustainable. The maintenance includes pruning, edge cutting, pollination to flowering plants, applying the manure, pest-control, trimming tree branches etc.

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Tailoring the look of your home/office is one way to create a space that reflects greener and healthier environment.